British Airways A320 G-GATU Returns from Faro.

Following its crew diversion yesterday, British Airways A320 G-GATU departed Faro early this afternoon continuing yesterday’s diverted BA2781 Funchal – London Gatwick, routing Faro – London Gatwick as BA2781.

British Airways A320 G-GATU Continues from Faro, Diverts Again.

Following its diversions yesterday, British Airways A320 G-GATU departed Faro this afternoon continuing yesterday’s diverted BA2780 London Gatwick – Funchal, however around half way to Funchal it became apparent that weather at Funchal had again deteriorated and the aircraft diverted to Porto. The aircraft then routed Porto – London Gatwick as BA278D.

British Airways A320 G-GATU Delivered.

British Airways A320 G-GATU was delivered Woensdrecht – London Gatwick this afternoon as BA9252. The 2007 vintage machine was new to Kingfisher Airlines and has also operated for Nouvelair Tunisie. The aircraft is in CY177 configuration and White Union Flag with Crest Livery.


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