British Airways A320 G-EUUM Positions to Gatwick Base.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM positioned London Heathrow – London Gatwick this morning as BA9251 after arriving as BA803 from Gothenburg. The aircraft then operated the BA2560/BA2561 London Gatwick – Funchal rotation before positioning London Gatwick – London Heathrow as BA9252.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM Athens Technical Issue.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM overnighted at Athens after arriving as BA634 from London Heathrow yesterday evening, however its scheduled return to London Heathrow as BA631 was cancalled this morning due to a technical issue.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM Overnight Basel Delay.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM preparing to operate BA749 Basel – London Heathrow was holding short of the runway in fog when a Piper PA-34 passed low over the aircraft and impacted the ground to the left of the runway. As a result Basel airport was closed and the flight delayed overnight.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM Prague Damage.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM operated BA856 London Heathrow – Prague this afternoon, however the aircraft sustained minor damage causing the cancellation of the return BA857.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM Chateauroux Training Day.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM positioned London Heathrow – Chateauroux this morning as BA9260 to perform training circuits. The arcraft positioned Chateauroux – London Heathrow during the afternoon as BA9262.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM BA1310 Edinburgh Diversion.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM operating BA1310 London Heathrow – Aberdeen diverted to Edinburgh this morning due to an air ambulance overrunning the runway at Aberdeen. The aircraft then positioned Edinburgh – London Heathrow as BA1311.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM Returns from Heathrow Maintenance.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM, which has been under maintenance at London Heathrow since 13th June, returned to service today operating BA1308 London Heathrow – Aberdeen. The aircraft has been repainted into Union Flag with Crest livery.

A320 G-EUUM BA868 Vienna Diversion.

British Airways A320 G-EUUM operating BA868 London Heathrow – Budapest diverted to Vienna this morning due to the closure of Budapest airport when a water pipe cracked in the control tower causing electric issues. The aircraft later positioned Vienna – London Heathrow as BA9258. BA869 Budapest – London Heathrow was cancelled.

A320 G-EUUM Operates New Gibraltar Service.

British Airways launched extra weekend services on the London Heathrow – Gibraltar route today with the inaugural BA492/BA493 rotation being operated by A320 G-EUUM.

G-EUUM Returns from Chateauroux Adventure.

British Airways Airbus A320 G-EUUM operated a further set of circuits around Chateauroux this morning as BA9260 before departing for London Heathrow early in the afternoon as BA9261.

G-EUUM at Chateauroux.

Airbus A320 G-EUUM positioned London Heathrow – Chateauroux this morning then later operated several flights making circuits around Chateauroux. All flights operated as BA9260.


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